Announcement: Successful Delivery of First Batch of 60 EB-5 Apartments in the 16th Phase 1!

Good News!

The 16th phase of immigration project under YK America Regional Center in the United States, El Centro Town Center III (the third phase of El Centro Commercial Center), completed the first batch of 60 apartments in The Courtyard, a mid-to-high-end apartment complex, on April 21, 2023 delivery!

As of mid-May, the occupancy rate is close to 100%, and the market response is very hot!

       El Centro Town Center III, a prominent project under YK America Regional Center, has achieved a significant milestone with the successful delivery of the first batch of 60 high-end apartments in The Courtyard on April 21, 2023. As of mid-May, the occupancy rate has already reached nearly 100%, reflecting a remarkable market response. The Courtyard is an upscale townhouse community located in the heart of El Centro, the capital of Imperial County. Its prime location offers convenient access to renowned shopping malls and restaurants such as Target, Walmart, and Costco.

       The community, occupying 11.59 acres, will encompass a total of 180 rental apartments. The apartment units range from one-bedroom to two-bedroom, with rental areas varying from 850 square feet to 1,600 square feet. The diverse floor plans include 60 units of one-bedroom, one-bathroom; 60 units of two-bedroom, two-bathroom; and 60 units of two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom configurations. The community amenities consist of a community center with business facilities, swimming pool, jacuzzi, fitness center, yoga room, playground, pet park, and outdoor barbecue areas.

      YK America Regional Center, a renowned real estate developer in Southern California, has been actively investing in numerous construction projects in Central and Southern California since 1994, covering areas such as retail, office spaces, industrial parks, and residential developments. The previous phases of EL Centro Town Center were successfully completed, with major tenants including the Social Security Administration (www.ssa.gov), San Diego Regional Center (www.sdrc.org), and a community featuring 240 high-end apartments with consistently high occupancy rates of over 95%.

       Since the establishment of YK America Regional Center in 2009, the YK America Regional Center has maintained a 100% success rate in project execution, assisting hundreds of families in realizing their American immigration dreams. Currently, El Centro Town Center III, as part of YK America Regional Center’s 16th phase of immigration projects, is actively recruiting investors. The project broke ground in 2022 and is in full compliance with USCIS policies regarding visa reservations. Applicants can submit their immigration and change of status applications concurrently, allowing for expedited work permits and a swift transition to living in the United States. For further inquiries, please contact us at (626-444-6668).